LED Tooth Whitening

Effective, painless, done in 30 minutes
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From Japan

LED Tooth Whitening

  1. Time : Approximately 30 minutes
  2. Cost : 400-580 HKD
  3. Sensitivity : Completely painless
  4. You can have a meal or smoke immediately afterward
  5. Process : Titanium Oxide and LED Light

This next-generation process for whitening your teeth is easy, painless and effective. No lab or dentist is needed and the process is completely safe.

The Technique

To achieve these brilliant results, our beautitian will apply a paste of Titanium Oxide (TIO2) to your teeth. Titanium Oxide is a safe, inorganic compound that is routinely used in food and medical products such as toothpastes and cosmetics. When irradiated by an LED light with a wavelength of 420 – 490 nm a photocatalyctic effect occours. Stains and plaque that would be impossible to remove with normal brushing are lifted off. In 30 minutes, it’s possible to fully recover your the original whiteness of your teeth.


What is a photocatalyst?

“Photocatalyst” just means a substance that reacts to light. When titanium oxide is exposed to blue LED (or sunlight) it helps to break down harmful substances into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Photocatalysts are used for air and water purification, antibacterial materials and deoderants. You probably unknowingly have contact with titantium oxide and photocatalyst effects every day! 

How it works

The surface of your teeth accumulate stains over the course of daily life. The main cause of these stains may come from natural aging, tobacco, and foods such as wine, teas, coffee, chocolate, etc.

A white solution of titanium oxide is applied and surrounds the stains on the tooth’s surface. By irradiating the titanium oxide paste with LED, a chemical reaction called “photocatalyst” occurs on the tooth.

The photocatalytic effect loosens and brings the stain molecules to the surface of the tooth. The stains can then be removed by simply brushing your teeth.

When the process is finished the titanium oxide coats the surface of your tooth and temporarily protects it from dirt and stains for about a week. Your teeth may feel slightly slipperier while this protective coating lasts.

The machine (White LED 55)

The 55W whitening machine has a simple design that is easy to use. The LED light uses the same technology that you can find at home but brighter and set to a very specific range of light. It’s completely safe so long as you don’t look into it.


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